Prepare your sweet tooth for the beautiful cakes at Vincent Nigita Patisserie that will delight your palate and brighten your mood. From the timeless French favourite St.Honore cake, to the creative revamp of Paris Brest reflecting ‘From Paris to Bali’. Savour each explosion of flavours carefully combined and constructed to create enjoyment in your mouth and pleasure to your eyes.







Premium Chocolate

We are using Valrhona Chocolate for all of our chocolate cakes and confectioneries. Valrhona chocolate has been the choice for top pastry chefs and chocolate aficionados around the world.

Valrhona not only puts great effort into preserve cocoa with great aromatic potential but also works very hard to have a positive impact on the communities in which the cocoa is produced by assisting producers, cooperating to innovate with planter partners, forming multiyear partnerships farmers, supporting the cocoa industry in small countries, improving the populations’ living conditions, and respecting plantation’s environment and employment laws.

Organic Egg & Natural Colouring

We work closely with the egg farmers in Bali to choose the best quality eggs for our products. For creating the quality products, we only use natural colouring that is taken from the natural plants pigments.

Vegan Collection

You can enjoy our vegan collection: dark chocolate tablets, pate des fruits, candied orange chocolate, dark chocolate & durian spread, hazelnut praline spread, all our jams and vegan cake of the day. We can also create the vegan macaron and birthday/wedding cake by pre-order in advance.

Fresh Ingredients

All of our products are made with the finest quality ingredients and guaranteed fresh.